Monday, March 19, 2012

Doing the Math

A 1,000 words completed today! Yes!

I did some calculations recently to figure how long it would take me to finish my book and these are my results:

If I write at a minimum of 500 words a day = 3,500 words a week

3,5oo words a week = 17,500 words a month

17,500 words a month = 105,000 words in just six months

So after figuring all this out..I came to learn that words are a lot like saving money. The more words I put down and save, the more valuable my work will become. And after collecting enough words..I will have a complete novel.
It is actually quite nice to see this math be done this way and have it be shown like this. To me, it takes a tremendous amount of weight off my shoulders as a writer. All I have to do is put a little bit down every day to make this work and I've been doing that. And if I lose a day...I make up for it like I did today by writing 1,000. Once I'm in my head and writing, those 500 words spill out onto the page easily.

Thank you Mathematics! For once you are useful.

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