Friday, September 16, 2011

Even though I've been buying Poets & Writers magazines for years...I might as well sign up on their website and send in my work that way as well. If anyone is interested, I recommend checking it out at

Saturday, September 10, 2011

After dealing with the rainy weather & heavy traffic on the freeway this morning, I went down to the writers meeting at the public library today. After getting there and grabbing a seat, it was a lot different then I had expected it to be. I thought the room would have been bigger with a larger number of people. But the cost and the experience was well worth it even if I did feel out of place. The meeting gave me information about writing that was educational and will be quite useful in the future. I plan to give another shot for the next meeting just to make sure as to where I stand with it. See if it's for me or if I should find another place to go. Time will tell.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Writing Convention

Last night, I was on the search for any writing conventions taking place in Orange County. It was slightly difficult to find one that's close to home. Lucky enough, I stumbled upon a website called that gave me a close location that I could easily attend. The site already gave useful information that could be quite useful to me in the future. I look forward to joining for the very first time at the next writing convention coming soon at the Orange Public Library.

As a writer, five or six months ago I discovered another way to write out my fiction work that I never thought I would do because it looked difficult. Outlining. I use to despise outlines. The way I use to begin writing was to write out the story right then and there as it came to my mind and out onto paper. This method did have a way of working, but the problem was I would keep getting off the topic of my story. Outlining my work and revising it several times over has made the experience of writing more easier and more thrilling.

Another method that I use to do that was not helping me so well was to blow off my writing from time to time. My inspiration for writing was not fully developed yet. And I believe to this day that it is still not developed to its full capacity, but it certainly has improved in the recent months. I made a commitment to myself to at least work on writing one hour a day. The commitment was small but it had to start somewhere. Now, I'm working to do my writing for at least two hours a day instead of one. And I'm already starting to notice that I am writing for up to three hours a day from time to time. Whether its on poetry, fiction books, or in my journal, I am writing.