Monday, March 19, 2012

Doing the Math

A 1,000 words completed today! Yes!

I did some calculations recently to figure how long it would take me to finish my book and these are my results:

If I write at a minimum of 500 words a day = 3,500 words a week

3,5oo words a week = 17,500 words a month

17,500 words a month = 105,000 words in just six months

So after figuring all this out..I came to learn that words are a lot like saving money. The more words I put down and save, the more valuable my work will become. And after collecting enough words..I will have a complete novel.
It is actually quite nice to see this math be done this way and have it be shown like this. To me, it takes a tremendous amount of weight off my shoulders as a writer. All I have to do is put a little bit down every day to make this work and I've been doing that. And if I lose a day...I make up for it like I did today by writing 1,000. Once I'm in my head and writing, those 500 words spill out onto the page easily.

Thank you Mathematics! For once you are useful.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Outline Progress

Making really good progress on my second draft for my outline. At the moment, I'm half way through on getting it completed. I hope to finish the outline off sometime by the end of next week so I can start writing the first draft of the novel.

I have been putting in three to four hours a day...sometimes five hours a day if I'm lucky toward writing. I try not to let an entire day go without accomplishing some form of writing, especially writing for this blog. I usually kick myself in the pants if I do miss a day to write. It just feels wrong when that does occur. But I do what I can to make sure that never happens.

Right now, like I said, I'm about half way through on getting my second outline all typed up and ready to go. I am actually debating though if I should make a third draft for my outline or not...

The first draft is sloppy and is like a skeletal structure for the novel.
The second draft I'm currently slapping on some meat to lengthen it and to give it some more details and descriptions on areas that are too vague.

I'm just unsure if I need to do a third draft outline. I'm tempted to finish this second one and begin writing the novel where I left off.

What do you think? Any suggestions or ideas would be most helpful.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sprouting Ideas

I love when new ideas sprout out of my mind for new stories just waiting to be written. I already have one major piece I am working on, and then I have another that is still in the works of being put together. But to have a 3rd project...

Lions, Tigers, and Writers...Oh My!!!

Although..I do like the images and thoughts this 3rd piece is forming together in this little brain of mine. It touches a lot in the genre of Science Fiction like outer space, planets, rockets, robots, and all that other amazing Jazz. It is a type of area that I thought I would never be apart of mostly because it did not feel like it was for me. I wanted to take on the world around me, not to look towards the stars above and imagine greater.

I am proud to say though that I am starting to look up at the stars. And that my imagination is taking on new realms of endless possibilities.