Friday, February 8, 2013

Published My Poem

I am very pleased to announce that I, Scott Gano, recently received a notice that one of my poems (Inspiration) will be self-published in a book with a collection of over a 100 other creative poets across the world! It has been published under Miles to Go - Promises to Keep Volume 1 Collected Poems, and is ready for pre-order.

Miles To Go is a clothing, art, and accessories business created by Greg Kerr based solely around Literature. Literature pieces like Brave New World, Time Machine, The Bell Jar, Invisible Man, Moby Dick, War of The Worlds, and much more. If you love reading and writing as much as I do, I suggest checking it out. Miles to go has an excellent background story and is an excellent place to shop.

The book I am self-published in is a recent new idea that has been put together. If anyone would like to order a copy (either hardback or softcover) or would like to browse around.. here is the website:

Thank you and enjoy!

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